Form lids

Protects the drum lid from contamination with the product on the inside.

Product characteristics:

Size / Filling volume

  • For all conventional drum sizes


  • For steel drums


  • LDPE

Form lids are mostly used in combination with form inliners. They are placed just above the rim of a filled, open steel drum before the drum lid closes it. This way, they serve as an intermediate layer between the form lid and the product. The drum lid is protected from contamination so that it can be used again after opening without cleaning.


Saves the cleaning of the drum lid.
Offers additional protection for the product.
Ideal in combination with form inliners.
Drum lid can be closed easily nevertheless.

Areas of use:

A drum lid must be clean before it can be reused. If the drum contains liquid, pasty or sticky products, however, the drum lids will become soiled from the inside during transportation. Form lids are used wherever this is to be avoided. This additional protection is particularly popular in the adhesives, chemicals and paints & varnishes industries.

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