Round-bottom bags

Crease-free liners for round containers.

Product characteristics:

Size / Filling volume

  • For hobbocks: 5 to 40 l
  • For plastic drums: 30, 60, 120 and 220 l
  • For steel drums: 50 to 225 l


  • Open on top
  • with a bottle neck for dust-free filling


  • Mono films (LDPE, also antistatic and conductive)
  • HDPE
  • Polyamide
  • Co-extrusion films (antistatic and conductive)
  • Aluminium composite films

Round-bottom bags are made from a tubular material with a round bottom fused to it. This seam has excellent tensile strength and is liquid-tight. Due to the precise shaping, round-bottom bags fit the hobbock or the drum exactly. This prevents creasing, which often occurs when inserting a flat bag.


Can be used with all types of round containers.
With varying diameter and hight.
Can be used in new and refurbished containers.
Turns disposable containers into genuine reusable containers.
Food grade according to EU and FDA.

Areas of use:

Round-bottom bags made of LDPE are the ideal insert for all kinds of liquids, powders or granulates. They are often used in the chemical industry as well as in the pharmaceutical sector. The polyamide variant is used for filling products with higher temperatures (up to 180°C). These same polyamide products are ideal for temperatures up to 180° Celsius and for products containing solvents. A third material is used when it comes to filling reactive PUR hot melts, namely aluminium composite films. The main customer here is the adhesives industry.

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